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Why do we love working for ongo?

How we started

Ongo began life as North Lincolnshire Homes, back in 2007.

It was at this time that North Lincolnshire Council asked its tenants to vote on whether they wanted their landlord to stay as the council, or whether they would prefer to set up a new housing association.

They voted for a housing association - and North Lincolnshire Homes was created.

Why was Ongo set up?

In 2012 we contacted our 10,000 tenants again to talk to them about how we wanted to do more to invest in the communities of North Lincolnshire. On hearing our plans, Tenant Ordinary Members voted in favour of us setting up a new group.

So we set up the partnership of companies, recruited new board members, started to promote the partnership, Ongo was created and North Lincolnshire Homes changed its name to Ongo Homes. This is with the full knowledge and approval of the Homes and Communities Agency, which regulates Ongo Homes as a social housing provider.

We are the largest housing provider in North Lincolnshire offering quality, affordable homes for rent and sale. We also provide a range of property management and maintenance services to private and business customers.

Local communities are at the heart of our business which is why all profit we make is reinvested into improving neighbourhoods and creating opportunities for local people.

By working with us you will be investing in North Lincolnshire too.

What companies are part of Ongo?

Ongo Partnership is the name of our parent company, but other companies which form part of the group include Ongo Homes, Ongo Recruitment, Hales & Coultas Heating and Plumbing, Ashbridge Roofing and Mi living estate agents.

How is Ongo different?

Ongo is a partnership designed to give something back to communities. Its purpose is to look for new opportunities which will ultimately help the people of North Lincolnshire. All profit made through the partnership is reinvested back into the organisation to help build new homes and invest further in community initiatives.

What does Ongo mean?

Quite simply, the name Ongo was developed from the partnership’s ongoing commitment to reinvesting into homes and communities in North Lincolnshire.

Its purpose is to create income to reinvest into building new homes for Ongo Homes, and to develop new opportunities for tenants and others, whether it be through training and employment or even healthy living - in fact anything that might improve the lives and homes of local people.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about how we could grow our organisation to do more. With help from tenants and staff, we realised we wanted a vibrant and positive partnership of companies which will not only help to improve lives but raise income to build much needed new and affordable homes.

Chief Executive Andy Orrey

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is quite simply to create and sustain truly vibrant communities.

To us, a truly vibrant community is one in which:

  • Children grow up with aspiration
  • Residents contribute to their community and want to live where they do
  • There is pride and a collective sense of place
  • The environment is safe, clean and tidy
  • Homes are warm, safe and comfortable
  • Residents are financially independent and enterprise is encouraged
  • There are things that bring the community together
  • Vulnerable and lonely residents are looked after
  • Diversity is respected and celebrated
  • Residents are healthy and look out for each other

And so, everything we do and plan for is with the longer-term desire of achieving these aims.

Our Promise

Ongo doesn’t make a profit for shareholders. Any profit it does make comes with the promise that it is reinvested back into local communities.

In fact we call this our Ongo Promise - ‘everything we do is reinvested back into local communities’.

So where you see the Ongo stamp, you can be reassured you are investing in a company which is dedicated to improving the lives and communities of people in North Lincolnshire.

Our Values

Our organisational values underpin this commitment and reflect how we approach our important work.

Partnership: we believe in working together with people, inside and outside of Ongo, to achieve the very best we can together. We really listen and take the time to understand our stakeholders and take a long-term view of the relationships we make.

Drive: We have the commitment, passion and determination to achieve better things. We have energy to learn, to accomplish our goals and make a positive difference.

Responsibility: We do what we say we will do, recognising that a safe and warm home is essential to a fulfilled life. We have integrity and are aware of the impact of what we do and that we are entrusted with valuable assets.

Our Objectives

We have four main objectives:

  • To provide excellent value for money services and homes
  • To improve people’s life chances and help them sustain their tenancies
  • To build more homes
  • To grow our group to increase our revenue

Commercial Services

We offer a range of maintenance and housing services to business and individual customers.

We guarantee excellent customer service and a high quality service - and have a track record to prove it.

What makes us different to other commercial companies is that all the profit we make is reinvested into supporting the building of new homes and providing essential community services, all aimed at improving the lives of people who live in North Lincolnshire.

By choosing an Ongo company, you are contributing to your Corporate Social Responsibility and we are all making a positive difference to our local communities.

You can read more about our commercial services on our corporate website.

Accreditations & Awards

Seeking accreditation is one way in which we check that our services meet the high standards that we always aim for.

Most people have heard of Investors in People (IIP) and we are proud to have achieved the Gold IIP accreditation as it shows we are a great employer and offer our staff a great place to work.

We have also featured in the Sunday Times Top 100 list of Best Companies to Work For in 2016, 2015 and 2014.

Equality and Diversity

An accreditation from the National Centre for Diversity has reinforced our commitment to providing fair and equitable services to everyone we come into contact with. We have achieved both Investors in Diversity and Leaders in Diversity.

Customer Services

We have achieved the Customer Service Excellence accreditation which tests us on how we deliver our customer services, our timeliness, the information we give and the attitude and professionalism of our staff.

We are also an Advice Quality Standard (AQS) accredited organisation.

This accreditation is awarded to organisations which give advice to members of the public. It recognises the high quality advice and support we give all our customers.

Health & Safety

The Contractors Health and Safety Scheme, commonly known as CHAS, is an important accreditation to have achieved because it gives our customers, partners and suppliers the confidence that we work safely and comply with the law.

ISO 18001 is the internationally recognised standard for occupational health and safety. We were first awarded the accreditation in 2014 and assessed annually to ensure we continue to meet the high standards required.

We have achieved the British Safety Council’s five star rating for our health, safety and environmental management and in 2014 we were awarded the highest accolade - the BSC’s Sword of Honour - an award presented to just 50 organisations worldwide.

As a Gas Safe registered company, our customers and partners can be assured we operate safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all gas appliances.

Customer Involvement

We have achieved the Resident Involvement accreditation from the Tenant Participation Advisory Service. By completing the rigorous accreditation process, we have been able to demonstrate our commitment to resident involvement and value for money.

Leasehold Services

Our Leasehold Management Service has been scrutinised by Housing Quality Network (HQN) before being accredited for our quality service. The aim of the scrutiny is to make sure we are providing positive outcomes for customers and communities. We are delighted to be told we are.

Environmental Commitment

We take our impact on the environment so seriously which is why having achieved ISO 14001 - the accreditation for an environmental management system - is essential to us.

We are reassessed each year to ensure we maintain the required standard.

Anti-Social Behaviour

We are signed up to the Respect Charter for Housing which is administered by the Chartered Institute of Housing and which gives our public commitment to provide a high quality service to address anti-social behaviour and remain accountable to our customers.

Advice Quality Standard

We have obtained the Advice Quality Standard (AQS) accreditation which is awarded to organisations that give advice to members of the public. We are proud to have been recognised as providing a high quality advice and support service to all of our customers.


We are proud members of PlaceShapers - a network of more than 100 housing organisations who share a common goal to improve communities and help people fulfil their potential.

Between us, PlaceShapers provides homes to more than 800,000 families and individuals, and services to more than two million people, across the length and breadth of the UK.

But we are a pretty powerful lobbying voice too - working with, and often challenging, Governments to ensure that housing associations have a long and sustainable future in creating and strengthening communities.

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