Job Description

Reports to: Chair of the Board

Line Management: Directors

Purpose of the Job

To work with the Board to develop, shape and ensure the delivery of the Group’s vision and strategic direction and objectives in line with the Group’s values.

To have overall executive responsibility for the ongoing financial stability and viability of the Group and the development of new business and growth, while ensuring the Group meets its statutory and regulatory obligations.

Providing effective leadership, to lead, support and develop Directors so that they empower colleagues to further develop the Group’s people and business focussed culture, and developing an organisation capable of supporting and delivering the Group’s objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • To act always in the best interests of the Group and promote the Group in all of its activities.
  • To champion the Group’s vision and values.
  • To be a visible and effective role model and leader of Ongo so that colleagues are inspired, empowered and motivated to achieve their full potential and deliver the Group’s priorities.
  • To provide expert professional advice and direction to the Group Boards, Executive Team and the wider management team and other colleagues as required.
  • To ensure the Group operates legally and within the bounds of its constitutional arrangements and in line with regulatory guidance, statutory and legislative requirements.
  • To work with the Chair (s) to ensure that the Group is managed to the highest standards of governance, and in line with its constitutional arrangements, periodically reviewing governance standards and arrangements.
  • To maintain a performance culture, and drive sustained excellence in performance across the Group.
  • To ensure the business of the Group is conducted to the highest standards with integrity and professionalism.
  • To be an exemplary role model for the Group’s approach to equality and diversity, bringing an understanding of the Group’s values to staff and partners, and embedding a positive approach to equality and diversity.
  • To ensure compliance with Health & Safety legislation and best practice, ensuring an effective health and safety strategy and culture is delivered, robust management practices are in place, and performance is reviewed.
  • Shape the vision and values of the Group into a living culture permeating the whole organisation.
  • To champion the value of tenant empowerment ensuring customers have the opportunities to be actively involved in key decisions affecting them, and promoting a culture where customer involvement truly influences the organisation.
  • To ensure the Group is committed to delivering excellent customer services.
  • Develop and maintain financial and risk management arrangements to ensure that they support the Group’s operations and investment plans, that they are used properly, and that full value for money is achieved.
  • To lead a commercial approach to the management of the Group and to set a strategy for development and growth based on sound risk management principles.
  • To identify opportunities for partnership working throughout the Company’s business. In particular, develop and maintain effective partnerships with other housing associations, the Local Strategic Partnership and local authorities
  • To represent and negotiate, where appropriate, on behalf of the Group through external bodies and networks at local, regional and national level.
  • To lead and manage the Management team(s) providing a clear sense of direction and purpose in them, holding them to account for ensuring performance remains high and objectives are delivered in line with the vision and values.
  • To promote value for money and drive continuous improvement in all services and activities.
  • To oversee the management of business subsidiaries and ensure the integration of these into the Group’s governance and management arrangements and operational standards.

The post holder will be required to undertake other duties from time to time, which are within the remit and capability of the individual, and which are broadly consistent with the level and responsibilities of the role.

Health & Safety

Operative - To be aware of risks to personal safety, other employees, customers, company property and company reputation and to highlight such risks to managers immediately.

Manager/Director - To be aware of risks to personal safety, other employees, customers, company property and company reputation and to promote a culture of risk mitigation in the planning and execution of all tasks.

Risk Management

General appointment - To be able to identify risks that may affect the achievement of personal and service objectives. To support the organisation's risk management process through good communication and carrying out actions to reduce identified risks.

Manager - To have an understanding of the organisations risk management process. To be able to identify, analyse and evaluate risks that may affect the achievement of service and organisational objectives. To manage and respond to risks appropriately.

Equality & Diversity

  • To promote equality and diversity amongst our stakeholders, residents, customers, clients, staff, board and committee members and all those we work with.
  • To ensure all customers’ needs are understood and all services that are provided meet individual needs, including in relation to the protected characteristics and customers with additional support needs.
  • To treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times.

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